Dimitri de Perrot

by and with Metzger / Zimmermann / de Perrot

“Hoi” is the way you say hello in Swiss dialect. One says hello to greet someone but also to reassure oneself. The dancer, the musician and the acrobat have merged to one unit only to fall apart again in deafening noise. The debris are catapulted into the universe, where they have to find a way to survive. Alone, together, against each other. Light-heartedness remains at the mercy of the universe. An industrious soul tries to fabricate a controllable surrounding, but the natural forces he wanted to exclude succeed to re-enter through the fissures of his house. A restless soul conjures up the underworld and makes everything sound. Things form the surrounding and are deformed by the surrounding. How can they get together again without losing their individuality? The limitations of our existence become evident. The ground on which we look for stability is shaky and treacherous. A turntable turns into a circular saw or a clock, the sound of thunder into spheric harmony. The sky is upside down. Music is theatre, theatre is architecture. Somewhere in between these opposites MZdP are creating their own world in which they are searching for a universal folklore. Stone and wood magically become alive reuniting in a wild dance. Hoi creates a new perspective on our environment and ourselves and gives us a possibility for self-reassurance.

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Direction and scenography: Metzger / Zimmermann / de Perrot
Choreography: Gregor Metzger, Martin Zimmermann
Music composition: Dimitri de Perrot
Set design: Théâtre de Vidy – Lausanne, Jean Corthésy, Ingo Groher
Lighting design: Christophe Botiaux
Sound: Andy Nehresheimer
Costumes: Franziska Born
Dramaturgy: George Weinand
Photography: Mario del Curto
Artistic direction and interpretation: Dimitri de Perrot, Gregor Metzger, Martin Zimmermann

Production: MZdP

Coproduction: Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne, luzerntanz-choreagrafic centre at the Luzerner Theater

With the support of: Pro Helvetia • Präsidialdepartement der Stadt Zürich • Fondation Nestlé pour l’art • Migros Kulturprozent • Swiss Society of Authors, • Landis & Gyr Foundation • Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation • Ambrosoli Foundation • Oertli Foundation • Lis & Roman Clemens Foundation

Final rehearsals at Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne with premier on the 17th of September 2001

UNLESS by Dimitri de Perrot
(Photo © Adrian Huber)

KLIRR by Dimitri de Perrot
(Photo © DdePerrot)

ÖPER ÖPIS by Zimmermann & de Perrot
(Photo © Mario Del Curto)

GAFF AFF by Zimmermann & de Perrot
(Photo © Mario Del Curto)

MYOUSIC - Creation Recording Sessions
(Photo © Peter Tillessen)

ANGSTGOT - EP by Dimitri de Perrot
(Poster by Suntic Record)

DJ Sets by Dimitri de Perrot since 1995 - Flyer collection
(© various artists)

DJ Sets by Dimitri de Perrot since 1995
(Photo © Unknown/Archiv DdePerrot)