Dimitri de Perrot

KLIRR – A spacial sound-scuplture about counting
by Dimitri de Perrot

If you count, you always also break up a “whole“ and begin to divide and put it in order. The beginning of classifications, appropriations and commitments. Also possibly the beginning of a „standardization“ and prescribed thought process, and the end of the speechless and innumerable connections to „what’s out there“ – what we hear, see, feel and sense.

The Festival Klang-Moor-Schopfe in Gais, Appenzell takes place in a moor area where artistic positions are shown in solitary barns: installations, concerts and performances. For this special setting, Dimitri de Perrot created KLIRR, a playful and interactive sound sculpture on counting, that encourages reflection on habits and conventions.

KLIRR is a walk-in 3D sound installation. Every time the entrance door was opened, a new piece of music about counting was triggered.

... ...

Idea, compositions and recordings: Dimitri de Perrot
With the voices of: Marc Bodnar, Marco Delgado, Dimitri de Perrot, Nino de Perrot, Nadine Fuchs, Dimitri Jourde, Laurence Mayor, Fred Ulysse Programming und Sounddesign: Max Molling
Construction: Nino de Perrot
Think Tank and communication: Christoph Meier

Production: Studio DdP

With the support of: Zurich department of cultural affairs, Department of cultural affairs Canton Zurich, Stiftung Corymbo, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Landis & Gyr Stiftung.

Photo credits: 1+3 © DdePerrot, 2 © KlangMoorSchopf

UNLESS by Dimitri de Perrot
(Photo © Adrian Huber)

KLIRR by Dimitri de Perrot
(Photo © DdePerrot)

ÖPER ÖPIS by Zimmermann & de Perrot
(Photo © Mario Del Curto)

GAFF AFF by Zimmermann & de Perrot
(Photo © Mario Del Curto)

MYOUSIC - Creation Recording Sessions
(Photo © Peter Tillessen)

ANGSTGOT - EP by Dimitri de Perrot
(Poster by Suntic Record)

DJ Sets by Dimitri de Perrot since 1995 - Flyer collection
(© various artists)

DJ Sets by Dimitri de Perrot since 1995
(Photo © Unknown/Archiv DdePerrot)