Dimitri de Perrot


by Dimitri de Perrot
Museum Tingeuly Basel, 2017

This interactive sound and space installation stages the large hall of the Museum Tinguely Basel as the backdrop of an imaginary play. Sounds and noises specially recorded in the Museum populate the space with new protagonists and merge into an overall composition in which Tinguely's huge Méta-Harmonie machines play an active role.

The floor of Strandgut & Blumen is a collage of elements recycled from earlier exhibition projects at the Museum Tinguely. Like flowers, the spherical loudspeakers grow from them, repeatedly enveloping this island landscape in a carpet of sound. The initial spark for the installation came from the theatre piece MYOUSIC by Dimitri de Perrot.


Concept, stage design and music: Dimitri de Perrot
Sound design: Andy Neresheimer
Light design: Benny Hauser
Construction floor: Nico Canzoniere
Construction assistence by: Sarah Büchel, Nino de Perrot.
STRANDGUT & BLUMEN uses elements of the play MYOUSIC by Dimitri de Perrot.

Production: Museum Tingeuly Basel

Photo © DdePerrot

UNLESS by Dimitri de Perrot
(Photo © Adrian Huber)

KLIRR by Dimitri de Perrot
(Photo © DdePerrot)

ÖPER ÖPIS by Zimmermann & de Perrot
(Photo © Mario Del Curto)

GAFF AFF by Zimmermann & de Perrot
(Photo © Mario Del Curto)

MYOUSIC - Creation Recording Sessions
(Photo © Peter Tillessen)

ANGSTGOT - EP by Dimitri de Perrot
(Poster by Suntic Record)

DJ Sets by Dimitri de Perrot since 1995 - Flyer collection
(© various artists)

DJ Sets by Dimitri de Perrot since 1995
(Photo © Unknown/Archiv DdePerrot)