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SCHAUFENSTER #2 - by Domi Chansorn
Installation & live performances in interaction with the environment.

SCHAUFENSTER is a walk-in "instrument" that interprets its surroundings sonically and visually and makes it possible to experience it in an inviting, playful and low-threshold way. The project aims to initiate and open up different or new perspectives in one's own immediate living environment, and steps out of the theatre into the public space of the city and canton of Zurich towards the living environment of people in the neighbourhoods, settlements, villages and other forms of "residential". It is placed and played in public places over a certain period of time and thus places itself in the middle of daily routine.

The "instrument" SCHAUFENSTER is used and curated by various actors from different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. After its initiation as SCHAUFENSTER #1 by Li Tavor and Dimitri de Perrot, musician and multi-instrumentalist Domi Chansorn takes over the baton for SCHAUFENSTER #2.

Domi Chansorn's version #2 goes to the countryside to Hof Blum/Froh Ussicht in Samstagern after a first stop in autumn 2022 at the Kirchplatz in Dietikon. He plays in the SCHAUFENSTER with the shared listening and its dimensions in the surroundings of Hof Blum. The enigmatic, young Zurich musician relies on spatial-musical live playing in direct interaction with the real surroundings, the audience and the momentum of randomness on the spot. He plays at different times of the day, early or late and sometimes ad-hoc in between, determined by the encounter and the audience's wishes.


Saturday, 27.05.23
"Good Morning Hof Blum" - music for an awakening farm and biodiversity with buzzing orchards, clucking laying hens, birdcalls and the early visitors inside the peripheral Zurich art venue this weekend [...]
From 11:00:
"Noon" - Musical reflection on the upcoming climax of the sun's position on this day.
20:00- 22:30:
Evening moods / Music: Percussions-Kreisel with Arthur Hnatek, visitors of the exhibition are invited to listen, interact and dance.

Sunday, 28.05.23
Midday atmospheres
"Into the Evening" - The day and the weekend begin to draw to a close - accompanied by Domi Chansorn.

PLAYING TIMES @ Kirchplatz Dietikon
Thursday, 29.09.22
"Good Morning Dietikon"; music for commuters and people from Dietikon between home, work, school and leisure or [...]
"Good Evening Dietikon"; music for commuters and city residents between work, school, leisure and home or [...]

Friday, 30.09.22
Midday moods
Evening moods / Music: Percussion circle with guests, passers-by are invited to interact, make music and dance on the spot.

Saturday, 01.10.22
Playing for the last hour of the weekly market - until the end of the market activity on the church square this Saturday.
Apéro concert, the audience is invited to actively participate. Anyone who wants to can bring their instrument and immerse themselves in the musical cosmos of Domi Chansorn.

Sunday, 02.10.22
09:30-10:15 / 11:00-11:45 / 18:30-19:15:
Domi Chansorn plays this Sunday to the ringing of the church bells of St. Agatha Church. There will be tea for passers-by and visitors.

Live performance in interaction with the surroundings

Domi Chansorn plays with commonly heard sounds and their dimensions in the urban environment. This enigmatic young Zurich musician focuses on spatial musical live performances in direct interaction with the real environment, the audience, and the momentum of randomness on the spot.

SCHAUFENSTER #2 thus becomes a personalised "counterpart" and improvises with everything that comes and goes. It is an interplay with the dynamic elements and sources of the environment: passers-by, street noise, wind and weather - as well as the strong visual presence of the SCHAUFENSTER and its adaptive transparencies, colours and reflections. The audience sits in the "tiny space" or in front of it. They mingle directly and physically with the musical soundscape being played - and so the place is constantly being reformed.

Domi Chansorn's sound sources are an orchestra of various instruments that he has accumulated and musically appropriated over time. He utilises the entire frequency range of the human ear and creates vibrations that are omnipresent in our everyday lives, but often only reach us subconsciously. Playing with frequencies is how Chansorn reacts to the environment in and around SCHAUFENSTER #2.

Domi Chansorn is what is called a "musician's musician". His reputation within the Swiss music scene is gigantic. And anyone who has seen the multi-award-winning thoroughbred musician play live knows what everyone is raving about. And if you've ever heard him sing like an angel, you're in for a real treat. After his first solo album "Bright Times Can Be Dark As Well" in 2011, his EP "Change the Changes" was released on Two Gentlemen. Since then, Chansorn has worked with a wide variety of bands, artists and formations such as Fai Baba, Evelinn Trouble, Bonaparte or Sophie Hunger and many more, each as a musician and/or producer. In spring 2022, his highly acclaimed second solo album "Hoppalulu Bum" was released on Second Thoughts Records.

SCHAUFENSTER is an initiative of Studio DdP and is intended as a series of projects for the greater Zurich area. The object itself and the first version SCHAUFENSTER #1 were conceived in 2021 by Dimitri de Perrot and Li Tavor. 

SCHAUFENSTER as an “instrument” is used and curated by various actors from different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. After its initiation as SCHAUFENSTER #1 by Li Tavor and Dimitri de Perrot, the musician and multi-instrumentalist Domi Chansorn takes over the baton for SCHAUFENSTER #2.

Artistic direction: Domi Chansorn
Lighting: Patrik Rimann
Stage: Patricia Birrer, Leo Hoffmann, Patrik Rimann, Raphaël Wileumier
Production management: Brooke Jackson / Studio DdP

The performances in Dietikon where a co-realisation with the Dietikon Projektraum

Project series SCHAUFENSTER
Idea & artistic direction: Dimitri de Perrot
Idea and development "Objekt Schaufenster": Dimitri de Perrot, Li Tavor
Construction: Leo Hoffmann
Audio technology: Nicolas Buzzi
Lighting concept: Tina Bleuler, Patrik Rimann
Communication & Think Tank: Christoph Elias Meier

Production: Studio DdP
Co-production: Gessnerallee Zurich
Partner Festival: About Us! Zurich Intercultural

With the support of: Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Stiftung Corymbo, Landis & Gyr Stiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Stadt Dietikon.

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MYOUSIC with Julian Sartorius
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MYOUSIC with Julian Sartorius
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